Tony Hersch - President - Chief System Designer - Buffalo Tail Connoisseur
Tony has been a live sound engineer and system designer since 1979. Tony got the entertainment bug in 1977 and started as a followspot operator for nightclub acts. From 1979 to 1989 Tony served in the USAF, officially as an Explosives Technician but he spent most of the time doing live shows for the USO and Air Force Entertainment. After the service, he served as the mixing engineer for top regional talents playing the nightclub circuit. Tony provided his expertise at Community Loudspeakers from 1992 to 1997 as the Tour Sound Product Manager and Product Specialist. Then in 1997, he formed Audiobahn to serve the church market. As the chief system designer for Audiobahn, Tony now designs some of the best audio systems in the world for houses of worship. His innovative designs have even been published in trade magazines such as this one posted in Church Production Magazine. Tony is an active member of Spring Valley Community Church where he currently serves as the Church's Sound Engineer. He also loves to golf but he really is not that good…

Marc Schwartz - Sales Manager - Graphic & Web Design - Websurfer - "The Jewish One"
Marc has been an accomplished audio engineer in the industry since 1995 working within a vast range of musical genres. Prior to joining the Audiobahn team in January of 2001, Marc was a touring sound engineer with national Christian artists. After a brief two-year hiatus from Audiobahn to explore a career as a lead Audio Technician with a large Corporate Audio/Visual company, he was finally persuaded to return to us to head the in-house Sales Force and manage the online retail division of Audiobahn, the Church Sound Store. Marc still enjoys freelance audio engineering since the "itch never really goes away". In his spare time he enjoys making us all laugh with stuff he finds on the net and eating exorbitant amounts of garlic as an obvious ploy to avoid any confrontations regarding work.

Joe Dobry - Project Manager - Joe D'Pro - Perpetual Single Guy
Since having joined Audiobahn in December of 2002, Joe has overseen the installation of hundreds of projects. Joe manages an extensive workload of estimating and project management for numerous projects at any given time. His extensive knowledge of audio, video and stage lighting system design and installation has proved invaluable to Audiobahn. In his off time, Joe continues to hone his skills as a live sound engineer and a semi-pro golfer. He also loves to use the Audiobahn corporate card whenever humanely possible for anything BUT official business.

Kellie Hersch - VP of Operations - Problem Solver - Organizational Freak - Chili Specialist
Kellie has a Masters Degree in Art Education and a minor in theatre from Kutztown University here in Eastern PA. Since joining us in March of 2003, Kellie has been busy keeping all the boys in line at Audiobahn as well as managing all administrative functions. She is basically the glue that holds this place together as well as color coding EVERYTHING. Without her we would all wither away and die. She is well known for occasionally providing us with fantastic chili as well as letting everyone know when lunchtime is over. She is also married to the boss so she gets special treatment which normally disgusts the rest of the employees. Kellie is also an active member of Spring Valley Community Church and is a volunteer in the daycare.


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