Sound Companies

As we already have the top products and in-house factory authorized service, top production companies such as the ones below rely on Audiobahn to keep it up to date and rolling along night after night. "The show must go on" is a slogan that Audiobahn fully understands and lives by.

Brickhouse Productions - Gilbertsville, PA.
An exciting upstart company, we build their racks, provide advise and supply them with equipment. These fine young protégés are very eager to learn from our experience.

Sound Decision Live! - Oreland, PA.
We build and maintain turnkey-touring rigs for SDL, which are continually on the road and permanently installed. With 5 complete systems pumping it out night after night, SDL relies on Audiobahn to keep it running smoothly.

Ultimate Sound Studios - Philadelphia, PA.
A recording studio and live sound company, we build racks and supply equipment for his touring rigs. Ultimate has been a long time customer and friend. See Joe at

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