Places of Business

From simple background music to DJ's and live shows. Audiobahn has you covered. Top equipment and expert installation is a combination that is hard to beat. Just ask the clients below.

Lasordas - Exton, PA.
We installed a distributed high output, background/foreground music system for this restaurant/bar. The jukebox was tied-in to automatically override other sources once money was inserted and play began. Live entertainment can also plug and play.

The Loft - Limerick, PA.
A very elegant installation, we used a distributed design with the loudspeakers mounted in the open beam ceiling. Wall plates were installed providing access to a separate plug & play DJ system. They were rated the #1 banquet facility by Pa&s Best in 2002. Sounds good to us!

Manayunk Brewing Co. - Manayunk, PA.
This micro-brewery/restaurant is located along the Schuylkill River and was flooded, destroying much of the sound system. We replaced the damaged equipment and provided maintenance to get them back up & running. We also added sound in outdoor areas, which originally had none.

Chester Jensen - Chester, PA.
A complete industrial paging system was distributed throughout the plant.

Borough Water & Sewer Dept. - Pottstown, PA.
A regular customer for self-installation closed paging system products.

Granite Farms Estates - Media, PA.
A multiple zone ceiling system was designed & installed in this facility throughout the public and private dining areas and hallways. A closed circuit television studio was also part of the installation. A high quality A/V program is just part of the lifestyle at Granite Farms.

Lima Estates - Lima, PA.
Seven independent zones at this facility along with complete digital processing make it state-of-the-art. Music in the dining rooms, a marketing meeting in the caf& and live entertainment in the lobby. All at once! Wow, what a system. Complete Auditorium system and television studio top off this installation.

Springhouse Estates - Lower Gwynedd, PA
This design includes the installation of a complete auditorium sound system for live shows & special events as well as a custom stage lighting installation. High quality was the norm for this system. A fully digital main system, which can be operated by anyone, along with an on-the-fly live mixer from a custom A/V booth with studio monitors make this system top of the line.
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